Most every work day for more than 9 years now, Dena has written a love note, poem or other thought, on a napkin - and tucked it in Marshal's lunch - a ritual of the heart. At the beginning of 2009 Marshal started typing them up. Now, it has become our practice to share the Daily Napkin with you, OUR ritual of the heart. May you enjoy them. May they feed your spirit.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Journey

Kind of pretty on the outside
light poking through crevices

Showing off the sparkly parts
more subdued on the inside

Words like clouds and picket fence
challenges and expanding hearts
come to mind
Clothing hitched up to cross the stream
time to get toes dirty in the mud

Breezes flapping hair and cloth
heart intrepid in the face of fear

Best friends side by side sometimes
and off on our own side path
at other times
discovering myriad nooks and crannies
as we keep going forward

Begin the journey once again
midstream at the start

Who knows where
at the end…

Today we celebrate our journey midstream. It's our 10 year anniversary!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The star on your forehead
Shines brightest
When you are steeped in innocence
Or when you belly up to the playground

What makes you so special?
That’s easy!

You are a unique individual
Within the whole of Life
And, the Universe loves you beyond measure

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wave of Discovery

Riding on the wave of discovery
the small crab tried scooting sideways,
as he was want

Yet, he discovered
that inspirational epiphany
was simple enough
yet quite useful

And, that awareness led directly
to all the motivation to move
he could ever muster

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fortune Tellers

Apple blossoms
And worms alike
Are fortune tellers

Foretelling fall harvest
And hot cider by the fire
On a cold, wintery night

Thursday, December 4, 2014


The frumpy lady in her nightgown
And cow horns on her head
Inspired strength and fortitude
Upon herself

As if plastering walls
Or shoring up foundations
With the delicacy of a rhino

Self-talk became a blur
Of mantric phrases gone senseless
Beginning with “You will”
And the ever present “You are”

Until cooked together for hours
Into a sticky tar-like substance
Silence, peace, joy, bliss even
Are welcomed here, whenever they arrive