Most every work day for more than 11 years, Dena wrote a love note, poem or other thought, on a napkin - and tucked it in Marshal's lunch - a ritual of the heart. At the beginning of 2009, Marshal started typing them up. It became our practice to share the Daily Napkin with you, OUR ritual of the heart. Then, in October 2015, Marshal retired, so the whole dynamic changed. Dena took several months to re-evaluate and decide what she was going to do. Since she is also simplifying, she is in the process of incorporating all 8 (including this one) websites into one. With that in mind, the poetry of the napkin is now joined with her art and/or photography images. May you enjoy them. May they feed your spirit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Rumbly rumbly
something’s grumbly
all topsy-tumbly

And little bug rolls up
as very tight as he can
to hide himself
to ride the storm


If only good instincts
were always based on true perceptions
rather than skewed
by assumed and partial ones

Oh, what fun little bug would have then!

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